Work and Holiday Visa for Australia Complete Guide!


Have you ever thought about living in the antipodes for a season and having the experience of a lifetime? Well, I present to you the Work and Holiday Visa for Australia, your complete guide, which will open the doors for you to make it happen.

What is the Work and Holiday Visa 462?

The Work and Holiday visa Australia is a visa for young people from 18 to 31 years old. In addition to sightseeing, it allows you to live in Australia for 12 months, traveling and working at the same time. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

During your stay in Australia, you can work for up to 6 months with the same employer and study for a maximum of four months.

When can I apply?

The call for applications opens every July 1st, but keep in mind that there are limited places for each country and that they can run out quickly, so be attentive. Here is the list of countries and places.

  • Argentina 4420
  • Austria 650
  • Brazil 500
  • Chile 4420
  • China 6500
  • Ecuador 130
  • Slovakia 1300
  • Slovenia 260
  • Spain 4420
  • United States xx
  • Greece 650
  • Hungary 650
  • Indonesia 5766
  • Israel 3250
  • Luxembourg 130
  • Malaysia 1430
  • Mongolia 100
  • Papua New Guinea 100
  • Peru 1950
  • Poland 1950
  • Portugal 650
  • Rep. Czech 650
  • San Marino 100
  • Singapore 3250
  • Switzerland 260
  • Thailand 2600
  • Turkey 130
  • Uruguay 260
  • Vietnam 1950

Requirements to apply for the Work and Holiday Visa

Before submitting your application for a Work and Holiday Australia visa, you should be aware that there are a number of requirements
to be complied with. They are as follows:

  • PassportYou must have a passport from one of the 29 countries eligible for this visa.
  • Age: You must be between 18 and 30 years of age (inclusive) at the time of application. If you apply when you are 30 years old, but turn 31 before we have made a decision, we can still grant the visa if you meet all other requirements.
  • Higher Education: Have at least two complete years of higher university studies or Higher Vocational Training.
  • English levelDemonstrate that you have at least a functional level of the language.
  • Financial solvency: Have at least AUD 5000 plus the return air ticket or the amount to be able to purchase it.
  • Visas: Not having enjoyed another Work and holiday previously or not having had any visa denied or cancelled.
  • Have no dependents: No one can be added to your visa.

Documents required for the application

Valid identity documents:

When applying for the Work and Holiday Australia visa you need to attach a photo of the first page of your passport. Make sure that everything is clear. Also, include a copy of your birth certificate. If you cannot get it, Immigration will accept a copy of your DNI, for example. Another option is a family book with your parents’ names or any official document you have on hand.

Economic funds:

You need to show a bank statement with a minimum of 5000 AUD, in addition, you need to show that you have a flight to return to your country or funds to buy it at the end of your trip.

Academic Requirements:

There are some educational requirements depending on your nationality. As a general rule, you will be required to have at least two full years of university studies or higher vocational training, but as mentioned above, this will vary depending on your country of origin. It is advisable to attach a copy of the academic transcript together with a certified translation.

English certificate:

You have to demonstrate your level of English and you can do it in the following way:

    1. Passport from English-speaking countries: If you are a citizen of Canada, the United States, Ireland, New Zealand or the United Kingdom, and you have a valid passport.
    2. Academic record in English: You can demonstrate your level if you have studied at a school or university where classes are exclusively in English.
    3. English certification: The most common option is to present the results of a certification exam less than 12 months old, showing that you have achieved the minimum score required by the government.
      • IELTS 4,5
      • TOEFL 32
      • PTE Academic 30
      • CAE 147

Traveling alone:

It’s not that you can’t travel with friends. What we mean is that, by having a Work and Holiday Australia visa, you cannot include financially dependent children in your trip and you are not allowed to add family members in your application, this visa is exclusively for you.

Health requirements:

Depending on your country of origin, you may be required to undergo medical examinations. You can find more details about these procedures on the official Immigration website, but you do not need to do them until the authorities tell you to do so. In any case, we recommend that you take out medical insurance for your entire stay.

Request a letter of support from your country’s government:

It is only mandatory for some countries, in case your country is one of them, obtaining your Work and Holiday Australia visa depends a lot on this letter. In it, the government certifies that you meet the requirements for obtaining a visa. This letter can be obtained from the following public entities:

  • Ecuador – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility.
  • Greece – Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs.
  • Indonesia – Directorate General of Immigration.
  • Luxembourg – Service National de la Jeunesse.
  • Malaysia – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia.
  • Peru – Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Poland – Ministry of Economic Development.
  • San Marino – Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Slovenia – Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Thailand – Department of Children and Youth, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.
  • Turkey – Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Uruguay – Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Certificate of criminal record:

It is not always necessary, but sometimes the authorities may require a police certificate from your country and from places where you lived more than 12 months after the age of 16, so it is good to keep this in mind. If you were in the military, they may request your registration or a discharge letter. In any case, the authorities will tell you if you need these documents.

Once you have all these documents, you can apply for your Work and Holiday visa!

How can I apply?

Applications for the 462 visa will have to be submitted online through the following website
except if you are from China, in that case, here you can see the
on how to do it.

Once your Work and Holiday visa Australia is approved, you will receive an email with the start date. From that day on, you have 12 months to get to Australia.

Once there, you also have 12 months to live in the country, with the freedom to enter and leave as many times as you wish while the visa is active.

Can I renew my Work and Holiday Visa? How can I do it?

You can renew your Work and Holiday Australia for up to two more years. For this you have to meet some requirements such as not having reached 31 years of age before applying and you need to have worked in one of the following sectors:

  • Tourism and hospitality in northern, remote and very remote areas of Australia.
  • Cultivation of plants and animals in northern Australia and other specified areas in regional Australia.
  • Fishing and pearls only in the north of Australia.
  • Forestry and logging only in northern Australia.
  • Construction in northern Australia and other specified areas in regional Australia.

If you renew for a second year, you will have to have worked in one of the previous sectors for at least 3 months (88 days) and if for a third year you will have to have worked at least 6 months (176 days) .You can calculate your days worked with this

It is important to keep in mind that the work you do must be legal, i.e. with TFN or ABN and it is not valid to apply for volunteer work, unless you are collaborating in the areas affected by the fires.

In which areas can I work to renew my visa?

Sector: Tourism, hospitality, plant cultivation, animal care, forestry and fishing.

  • Northern Territory All the territory
  • Queensland All areas north of the tropic of Capricorn
  • Western Australia All areas north of the Tropic of Capricorn

Sector: Plant cultivation, animal care and construction

  • Australian Capital Territory No area is eligible.
  • New South Wales The Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast and Wollongong areas are excluded .
  • Norfolk Island All the territory.
  • Queensland The Brisbane and Gold Coast area are excluded.
  • South Australia All the territory.
  • Tasmania All the territory.
  • Victoria The Melbourne metropolitan area is excluded.
  • Western Australia Excludes Perth and surrounding areas.

You can renew inside or outside Australia, but remember to do so before the end of your previous visa. Here you have the
steps to follow

  1. Present identity documents such as passport, birth certificate, ID card, family book or official document.
  2. Demonstrate sufficient funds for your stay and to leave the country. If you are applying for a Work And Holiday visa in Australia, skip this step.
  3. Proof that you worked for 3 or 6 months, as the case may be, in a job specified by the government.
  4. Finally, pay the renewal fee of $640.

For the application, follow the steps previously mentioned. Please note that additional documents, such as medical exams or police certificates, may be requested. The authorities will inform you of any additional requirements for you to attach the necessary information.

Surely with all this info, you are ready to apply for your Work and Holiday, but if you have any questions, please contact us.